Here are a few pieces that I drew, back in 2000, while attending classes part time at the Art Institute of CA at San Francisco. I was rather excited at the level of skill I'd been able to achieve.

(Click the images to see larger versions)

This is my final art project for "Intermediate Drawing".
The human figure was drawn from a live model. The reference for the falcon was a photo I found on the 'Net. The arm-guard, necklace and pant section was all drawn with out reference. I'm not completly happy with the angle of the arm. It somehow lost the feeling of bending at the elbow after the bird was added.
My first attempt at a shaded animal.
This was an exercise in drawing people of different races.
After two hours of trying, unsuccessfully, to find a subject for my mid term drawing project, I ducked into a local coffee house. This is from a photo I snapped (with permission) of the woman who happened to be crafting the lattes that day (she dose wonderful work, by the way).

Sorry for the poor quality of this image. This drawing is too large for the scanner that I have access to, so I had to shoot it with a digital camera.
Randy Johnson of the Arizona Diamondbacks.
This was an exercise on drawing an expression. His jersey appears to be floating because I drew this from a photo in Sports Illustrated that caught him in mid pitch. The ball was covering his right cheek so I had to image what that portion of his face (left of his right eye) would look like from that angle (there probably should be more indent from the brow ridge).
This is a study of the hand. In this case, my art instructor griping a pencil.
This is a study in foreshortening.
This is my very first shaded portrait. I was thumbing through the April 2000 issue of "National Geographic," when I came across a photo of this lovely young lady. I don't think I've quite done her justice here. But I'm proud of this first attempt anyhow.
A study of light and shading that turned out rather well. The skull that I used for reference is an inexpensive Halloween decoration (approximately full scale). The gum line was not very accurate. I used photos of a more authentic skull for teeth and gum-line bone.
This piece was a two part in-class assignment. First, we were requested to draw any figure from a specific reference book. Second, we were asked to create a background for the figure. Had I planed ahead, I would have chosen a pose that was a bit more natural.
I sketched this piece from a live model as she held this 10 minute pose. Yes, she was wearing lip liner.
This class assignment was simply to sketch one of our class mates. Allow me to introduce to you Mike.
An ad from a fashion magazine was the reference for this sketch. You knew that though, didn't you. It has that "Pleasant Vill" feel.
This is my very first portrait ever. She was a student in my first class. No, she's not 12. That's just how she turned out in this sketch.

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