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(This content is old and in process of being update)

Endless Curvy Road (2015)

Procedural Terrain Prototype

This project was an experiment in generating procedurally generated terrain using noise and a 3D tile set.

Behaviour Modification (2014)

Behaviour Modification Prototypes with a focus on Graffiti

These two prototypes were example attempts at creating interactive game elements designed to modify player behaviour in the real world. These particular examples has not been used in any studies as of yet.

Teacher Stress Exercise (2013)

Student Teacher Conference Stress Exercise Prototype

This project was created as an example of how games could be used to focus on a particular aspect of classroom engagement for pre-service teachers. This prototype is an attempt to simulate the stress of a student teacher conference. The player must speak with each student and accurately address their questions while maintaining control of the classroom.

Simple Skater Experiment (2011)

Simple Skater Prototype with Web Browser Buttons.

This project was done to experiment with the Unity 3D rag doll system and to test browser communication with the engine.

Genetic Animation (2006)

Experimenting with Genetically Generated Animation

This is an evolutionary system that generates walk cycles. A population of 10 bots with random movements "learn" to walk after many generations of preserving beneficial mutations.

Ray Tracer 2005

This ray tracer was written from the ground up. The only outside library was Open GL and it was used for display only.

  • Textures
  • Reflections
  • Anti-aliasing
  • Area Lights
  • Area Shadows
  • Depth of Field
  • Rinderman Shaders (2005)

    Renderman SLIM Shaders for car paint and shadows. Lighting was captured on location using an HDR Probe.

    (High Dynamic Range)

    Low Poly Models (2001)

    Organic and hard surface models for video games


    A few pieces that I drew, back in 2000, while attending classes part time at the Art Institute of CA at San Francisco.